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Dear our guests,

Welcome to our home page.
First of all, we love sake breweries with aspirations.
At our store, Sake Yamamoto, introduces you “sake” and “shochu”, distilled liquors made by such wonderful brewers.

Brewers we deal with are all deeply attached to sake.
Brewing and offering sake to costumers make them happier than anything else.
It is sure that breweries with aspirations brew good quality sake and provide them to us.
I am honored to introduce the sake filling with love.

“Nihonshu” remind the scenery: beautiful countryside, and a landscape of vigorous and shining rice plants blown by the breeze.
“Imo-shochu”, made from burly potatoes that are rooted strongly in the earth.
“Mugi-shochu”, made from wheat glowing in the setting sun, and dancing in the refreshing autumn wind.
We pay utmost respect to the farmers and brewers who keep producing their best sake with thanking to the earth.

Our store sells sake not only for business but also for the future.
We sincerely hope that breweries concentrate on brewing and produce products with better quality, which people would love more than today.
While cherishing meeting with people through sake, and imagining their joyous smiles by drinking them, we try our hardest from now on.

We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.
Sincerely yours,
Sake Yamamoto Ltd.

Company Information

Name Sake Yamamoto Ltd.
CEO Hiroshi Yamamoto
Date of Establishment 1984
Capital Stock 3 million yen
Number of Employees 20
Head Office 1-7-7 Shoudai nakamachi, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
TEL 072-857-0082
FAX 072-857-0084

Management Philosophy

we help to build a bright and heartful social life and make happy everyone I meet in business by selling good sake.


1984 Establishment
1998 Moved to current address
2004 Osaka store was opened
2008 Kyoto store was opened
2015 Morinomiya Q's-mall store was opened